You're Fired

Tired of hearing about the same old great local bands from your writers here at the Observer? Wish we'd tell you to do something other than splooge over The Theater Fire for once? Well, here's your chance. Go see some comedy, jerk.

Tomorrow night at the Comedy Sportz Arena (603 Munger Ave., formerly the West End Comedy Theatre) there will be some mighty fine improv, stand-up and sketch comedy for your sorely underappreciated funny bone. The Cooperation Corporation, who've recently performed at Frank Hejl's excellent Mixtapes And Baby Fights, will bring their office-themed humor for one night only. Get there on time to see Beth Featherstone, easily one of the funniest women I've ever met, and Bryce Richardson, who won't be afraid to tell you about having sex with buses. Really. He's very sincere about it. --Andrea Grimes

Editor's note: And if that ain't funny enough for you--'cuz God knows improv's always a friggin' stitch--tomorrow Andrea will be on The WORD 100.7 talking about her Terry Hornbuckle, which is to say "The Reverend Freak," story. She'll be on some time between 9 and 11 p.m. with Lloyd Spence, who hosts "Real Talk," which is exactly what they do on Christian radio.

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