Dallas Observer's Street Team

  • Bria Graves

    Arlington, TX

    Trying new restaurants, writing, going to concerts & binge watching tv shows

    Drake, DVSN, The Internet , Kendrick Lamar & Michael Jackson

    Tupac Shakur. He accomplished so much as an artist all by the age of 25.

  • Kai Nunley

    Oakland, California

    Going out to listen to live music

    Calvin Harris and Daytrion Cook

    Stevie Wonder

  • Katherine Gnadinger

    Louisville, KY/Arlington,TX

    Live music, pub trivia, and college basketball

    LL Cool J, The Maine, Elton John, Wavves (way too hard to choose just one!)

    Carrie Fisher

  • Lucija Kopcalic

    Rijeka, Croatia

    I enjoy weight training, yoga, dancing.

    My favorite artist is J Balvin.

    Dinner would be with Nikola Tesla.

  • Sarah Schmitt

    Appleton, WI

    Going to concerts, checking out local artists, playing with my puppy.

    Highly Suspect

    Post Malone

  • Sommer Bryant

    My hometown is McKinney, Tx

    My hobbies are going to festivals and concerts and taking photos

    This question always gets me, I love Diplo and Tyler the Creator

    I would have dinner with my grandmother because I never got a chance to get to know her.

  • Toriq Ahmed

    Fort Worth, Tx.

    Buying sneakers, listening to music, and going to festivals/shows

    Kanye West, Jay Z, and Maroon 5


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