10 Most Annoying Things About Dining Out

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9. Superlatives
Some restaurants can't resist this gimmick. They print "best pizza in Dallas" on the menu, scribble "best apple pie in the northern hemisphere" on chalkboards or paint "world's best ever foie gras" on the window. Instinctively guests see this as a challenge--one the restaurant will have a hard time winning. It encourages diners to find fault rather than discover something great. And discovery is part of the fun, right?

8. The practice of seating people in clusters
It's a slow night. Only two other tables are occupied in a 1,000 square foot dining room--and the hostess plants you right between them. Yes, this is easier for the wait staff to handle, especially as the manager sent half the crew home. But this also robs the guests of some privacy. In a quiet space, voices carry. The practice, therefore, can make for an awkward dining experience.

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