10 Questions: Brian Leonard of Villa-O

The transition from waiter to bartender isn't always easy. Neither is the discipline necessary to handle service industry responsibilities and a college class schedule.

Leonard waited tables at Ferre. He started in the same role at Villa-O before shifting behind the bar.

So far, everything is going smoothly for the student/bartender how expects to graduate from UTD in a year and a half with a degree in marketing. But what happens when his fellow students drop by hoping for a freebie...?

1. Why do so many people work their way through college this way? The hours, really. It allows you to have a flexible schedule and it is good money. But mainly, it's the hours.

2. But can you still make class after those late nights? That's the good thing about Villa-O: normally we are out of here by 11.

3. Which is better, waiter or bartender? The money is equal. I like bartending because you create something. You create a regular crowd. And I like having things at my fingertips.

4. Is there anything bartenders hate to hear? Honestly, nothing bothers me.

5. Even when they ask for B-52s? You know, I enjoy making drinks. Of course, if customers are rude...

6. As a waiter you get to interact with guests...Yes, but your time is limited. Here you can work and talk at the same time. There's more responsibility, too. They put more trust in the bartender. I look at it as a promotion.

7. So when you were a waiter, ever spill things? Of course. That's something that always going to happen.

8. What's the best way to recover from mistakes? The best way is to apologize and move on. If you're over-apologetic, it looks weak. Most customers understand that mistakes happen. How you apologize depends on the the type of mistake.

9. You know, a lot of people who start bartending in college stay in after graduation...I do love the service industry. I have goals I'd like to reach after graduation, though. I don't see myself hanging around for more than a little bit. Bartending creates a lot of opportunities, though.

10. Do your friends ever stop by for free drinks? I have a good set of friends. They don't expect it and I don't give free drinks. I'm responsible for the bar.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.