10 Questions: Cynthia Hobbs

Although not a sports fan at all, she tends bar at Frankie's, a sports bar in Uptown featuring some 40 screens--38 regular flat ones and a couple of the big monsters.

Of course, Sunday is a big day for the city's sports bars, what with Arizona getting ready to crush Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl. Well, maybe it'll be the other way around--who can tell? Well, Hobbs is certain of two things: a team will win and the winner's fans will tip...

1. Why watch sports in a sports bar? Why not just watch at home?

For the camaraderie. It gets loud, yes, but there are people for one team or the other and you're a part of that.

2. Is it better to have one big screen or a bunch of smaller ones?
I'm not a sports fan, so to me...But we have 40 TVs. You can watch one game on one or 12 games on 12 different screens [on non-Super Bowl weekends].

3. Do people shut up and listen to the commercials?
Yes. That's the only reason most people watch. There are only two teams in the Super Bowl, so most people don't really care who wins. And then there are the women stuck with their significant others.

4. Who is going to win?
One of them.

5. Do fans of the winning team tip better?
Yes, they do--by a significant amount. And fans of the losers, well, bartenders get blamed for everything: if it rains, if it's hot, if their team loses.

6. People by rounds for the winning fans. But don't the losers need it more?
They're buying shots for themselves.

7. Do you get crowds for soccer?
We do.

8. So you show soccer?
Yes, we do show it. And the fans are very loud.

9. Do you prefer music or live sound with the games?
Me, personally? Music. If you can't figure out what's going on by watching, listing to the announcers isn't gonna help.

10. How many drinks before a person can't pronounce Roethlisberger?
I haven't even had a drink today and I can't pronounce it.

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