10 Questions: Ian Green

A native of Liverpool, Green has been pulling pints...well, not quite pints...in local pubs for as long as any of us with shortened attentions spans can remember. Long a fixture at The Londoner in Addison, he moved to The Idle Rich in 2004.

In his spare time he both plays soccer and watches, via satellite, Premier League football. Indeed, he's often stuck in front of the tube until early afternoon on weekends. And regulars at The Idle Rich say you can follow Liverpool's fortunes by Green's mood the following week.

He still keeps tabs on non-sport issues back in the home country--remaining adamantly opposed to the imposition of half-liter pours on pint-crazy England by the EU, for example. You might, on occasion, find him glancing at American sports--just for a second. But you're unlikely to see him chug American beers...

1. A day without beer is...?
Never gonna happen. I mean, come on now.

2. Pint or half liter?
Pint. It's tradition. It doesn't sound right, does it: 'a half liter of Guinness, mate.'

3. What's wrong with the American-size pour?
It's four ounces too short, for a start.

4. Why do beers taste better in England?
Because generally they are better.

5. If I put a Budweiser in front of you, would you drink it?
Only if I was very, very desperate and already drunk.

6. You know it's one of the most popular beers in Ireland, don't you?
The Bud over there actually tastes different than here. Well, maybe that's one of those illusion things, but it's just better.

7. They call football the beautiful game. Why?
Watching your team score in the 90th minute--it doesn't get better than that. It takes you up and down, that's the beauty of it. I've never encountered such emotion as in the 2005 Champions League final [Liverpool came from behind to draw then won in the penalty shootout].

8. If FC Dallas met Liverpool...?
After the Stoke game [Liverpool tied with lowly Stoke, 0-0] I'm still so eff'n mad I don't care.

9. Why are there so many American goalkeepers in the Premier League?
Good question, that. Because they just couldn't make it as wide receivers.

10. When I say Manchester United, you say...?

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