10 Questions: Jason Weaver

The French Room's executive chef is one of those 'results-oriented' types.

Perhaps his habit of accomplishment stems from the four years he spent in the U.S. Marine Corps. Or maybe the 35 year-old Michigan native can just flat out cook.

Although he came to Dallas from the Mandarin Oriental in New York, Weaver began his culinary career at the Ritz-Carlton in Dearborn, helping push the hotel's kitchen into the number one slot, company wide. In 1999, the restaurant earned a top 10 ranking from Conde Nast Traveler.

And not only does he know French cooking, he can tell you why the French can't fight... 

1. Could you beat William Koval [his French Room predecessor] in an arm wrestling match?
I'm thinking no. Or maybe if I drugged him--he's a big guy.

2. Fleur de sel, foie gras--why do the French eat so well?
It's ingrained in their culture over hundreds of years. Even if you go to a French farmhouse, you'll get a perfect tomato and a little salt. They've mastered simplicity.

3. But why do they fight so badly?
They're not U.S. Marines. They can't help it.

4. What would you say to Escoffier?
I'd probably say 'thanks.' I have his book right here. There's a ridiculous amount of recipes in it--like 3,000--and they're not well explained. He expected you to have a lot of knowledge. But he set the groundwork.

5. Where do you really like to eat?
We don't get out as much as people think, but in Richardson there's this Vietnamese place, Bistro B. I love it.

6. Ever go to Sonic?
Yes, this morning on the way to work.

7. What one thing would you like to put on the menu?
There are things we love to cook that we know we couldn't possibly sell, like braised pig's head or stuffed pig's ears. Stuffed pig's ears are good.

8. Kir Royal or French 75?
Anything with gin. In fact, give me the gin and 86 the Champagne.

9. Should the Cowboys keep T.O.?
Yes, might as well.

10. What's your time in the 40?
I don't know. I haven't been chased in awhile.

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