10 Questions: Kenny Bowers

He is synonymous with seafood in this market, having been associated with, oh, Daddy Jack's and Rockfish and Big Fish Little Fish before opening his own multi-purpose place, Kenny's Wood Fired Grill.

Recently the Boston native added a new bar space (banking on the cougar image to attract the right crowd) and Kenny's Burger Joint in Frisco. So he's been busy.

Bowers came to Dallas way, way back--so long ago the Cowboys still won post-season games. So who's his favorite quarterback? Well, it's between Cassel and Brady...

1. Aren't you tired of the Red Sox winning?
I will never get tired of the Red Sox winning. The Celtics, either.

2. OK, Brady or Cassel?
That's a toughie. You know, I like Cassel. He did a great job. Brady is great, too, but he's already done everything. Cassel could be the wave of the future.

3. Is there really a difference between east coast oysters and west coast oysters?
You know, not really. It depends more on the particular oyster, not where it comes from. There are subtle differences, but it's like making a big deal about Kobe burgers. Kobe steak, yes, but this is ground beef.

4. New England clam chowder or Manhattan clam chowder?
To me, there is only one, and that's New England. I don't know what that other stuff is.

5. You just don't want to say anything good about New York...
We get a lot of business travelers at the restaurant and if I find out one is from New York, I'll say 'oh, a Yankees fan or a Mets fan?' If they say Mets, it's OK. It's all for fun.

6. Do you expect cougars to come into Cougars?
No, it's just a joke. My contractor said we should call it the Evil-Doers Den because it's so dark. But we ended up with Cougars.

7. How important is a good bar to the success of a restaurant?
It depends on the type of restaurant, of course. Having a good bar scene is great, but because of TABC taxes, it's not as profitable as people think. But it does add energy. And we get a lot of people who eat at the bar.

8. Is there a fish that's particularly difficult to cook?
Typically fish that are delicate, like sole and some of the snappers, can be a challenge--especially if people ask for them grilled, because they can fall apart.

9. What's the secret to good French fries?
The secret is to start with a good product. But you have to cook them in beef fat or duck fat. Remember McDonald's fries from the 70s? Duck fat is really the best, but it's too expensive.

10. How will the Yankees do this year?
I don't know. The last couple years have been iffy, so they're sorta due. I just hope the Sox do well.

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