10 Questions: Mark Cronin

He wears a dress to work...although The Glenlivet's brand ambassador prefers to call the cute tartan a "kilt."

Before happening onto one of the world's best jobs--introducing single malt Scotch and taking part in tasting after tasting--Cronin owned a pub in Edinburgh. It was the only one not affiliated with strippers in a block called "the pubic triangle."

Although he lives in Fort Worth, he's still a Scotsman through and through--pining for the Saturdays when fans would gather to watch their national football team falter...

1. How often do you wear a kilt?
I wear a kilt every day. That's my job. Did you know "plaid" is Gaelic for "blanket?" It's because they slept in their kilts. It's an all-purpose garment.

2. Where do you find them?
This is the Glenlivet tartan. It's made in Scotland.

3. What's so special about single malt Scotch?
It's the love and the care that goes into the making of it. It's a very personal thing for the people who make it--a pride in the product. This Glenlivet 25 didn't just happen.

4. Is there a right time to drink it?
Anytime is the right time. It's never too early, only too late.

5. Do you have a favorite blended Scotch?
I don't drink blended Scotch.

6. Texas or Scotland?
Texas. I love being a Scotsman in Texas because there are so many commonalities. Both are independent. Both are proud of their history. There's a strong sense of identity in both places. When I owned the pub in Edinburgh, you'd ask Americans where they were from and they'd all say "America"--except for Texans.

7. What do you miss about Scotland?
Saturdays. That's the day they play football.

8. Why can't the Scots win on the international level?
Because we feel sorry for all the others. We're a small country. But when we do win, it's worth waiting for.

9. Did you like Braveheart?
Yes, I did. One of the guys who was in it used to come into my pub. But it was filmed in Ireland.

10. Can you see Mel Gibson as a Scot?

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