10 Questions: Megyn Price

Yeah, she's one of those budding Hollywood stars. Price played in films good (Mystery, Alaska) and bad (Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector)...so clearly she's paid her dues.

These days she's part of the ensemble driving the CBS sitcom Rules of Engagement, set to begin its third season on Monday, March 2, sandwiched between hits Two and a Half Men and CSI: Miami. If you haven't seen it, the cast includes Price and David Spade. Episodes revolve around relationships and a local diner.

But Price has a reputation as an amazing home cook. An advocate of organics, she even tends to a garden in L.A. So why is she on David Spade's hit list?...

1. I thought you Hollywood types spent their time hanging out on cafe patios. Do you really find time to cook?
I wouldn't say I'm a Hollywood type. I work in Hollywood, but I'm not of Hollywood. I'm a dork. I love my job, but I don't like all the nonsense--so you'll never see me flipping off paparazzi. But you know, if you have time to wait 45 minutes for delivery, you have time to cook. And it actually tastes like food.

2. And you garden. In L.A. Does the smog give a little extra flavor?
I don't live in a smoggish area. Yeah, it's L.A., but I don't worry about it. And gardening gives me so much joy.

3. Organics were once considered a California fad. Why have they become so popular?
I think it was the normal way we did things. Then all these companies came in and said you have to spray poisons on the crops. To me, organic is normal. Factory farms are the weird thing. Yeah, you might have to share your tomatoes with a few bugs, but they don't eat much.

4. What kind of food did you grow up with?
Normal food. Actual food. My mom tells me 'oh, you're so organic.' I say 'Mom, don't you remember?' She would make stew and bake homemade bread.

5. When they cater for the set, is it any good?
That's the one time I'm snotty. I drive a Prius, I'm real low key, but I don't eat the food there. I make them put a refrigerator in my dressing room. The producers are really nice about it. They are happy to stock it with organic milk and stuff. But I usually make my own meals and bring it to work.

6. Which cast member has the strangest eating habits?
Patrick [Warburton], without a doubt. He's so weird--I'll look at him and ask 'why are you ordering four entrees?' He's a moose. He'll come in and say 'I'm sorry, I have terrible breath.' He's just stopped off at Carl's Jr for an onion jalapeno burger. At 9 a.m. And I have to kiss him.

7. Fine dining or cheap diner?
If I go out, I want to eat something I can't make: sushi--even though my husband and I took a sushi making class, we can't get the same quality fish--or very specific kinds of food.

8. Didn't Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector scare you away from restaurants?
Oh, good lord. It was nuts. You know, he's the nicest guy on the planet. But we had to spend summer in Orlando. I went to Target and bought a fridge and microwave. And I was not present for the cockroach scenes. I told them I wouldn't be--even though I've lived in New York and have seen a lot of them.

9. Back to your cooking. Do you have a favorite dish?
That's impossible to answer. I go through so many fads--my husband calls them ruts. But I love to cook whatever is seasonal. By the end of the season, I'm burnt out and ready to move on to the next.

10. When you invite the cast over for dinner, you don't give the good china to David Spade, do you?
You know, I might give my baby's dishes to Spade. I think I have a couple bibs left over...He'll kill me for saying that.

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