10 Questions: Mickie Crockett

She's worked in some of the city's most respected kitchens, including Cafe on the Green, Mediterraneo and The Riviera. As executive chef at Trader Vic's, she picked up a spot in the Dallas Morning News' list of top new restaurants in 2007.

Crockett now serves as general manager for Cadillac Ranch, the sprawling restaurant-bar-patio-live music destination in Las Colinas...which, of course, means she'll have no rest during the Byron Nelson. Hell, Darius Rucker is scheduled to perform at the place during golf week.

But she's been through the GM grind before, as well--at Old Hickory (in the Gaylord) and The Porch.

You expect someone who graduated top of her class in culinary arts at Oklahoma State to succeed in big name venues. But you'd never expect someone like Crockett to have such bad taste in movies...

1. Which is more fun, GM or chef?
That's a great question. I have the greatest job. I eat for a living and host a party two times a day. I don't feel like I've left the kitchen.

2. But was it hard to leave the chef role?
It wasn't hard because I have a social personality. My mentor, David Holben, was so good at meeting people at the door, walking around greeting guests. That's where I learned it.

3. Is the crowd any different between Irving and the Knox-Henderson area?
It's relative. We have a lot of clientele working with the businesses in Las Colinas, and they're not necessarily from Las Colinas. You see some of the same faces.

4. You have a lot of ground to cover at Cadillac Ranch...
It's big, yes. Almost 14,000 square feet. I'm wearing out shoes.

5. With live bands almost every night on the patio, do you go home with it pounding in your head?
I feel like I have a personal iPod in my head. The music never stops. The porch and the restaurant are two different beasts.

6. What's the worst country song that you still like?
I don't know. But Urban Cowboy is my all-time favorite movie.

7. Ever ride the mechanical bull?
No. I was this close once.

8. Why not put one in Cadillac Ranch?
They have one at Cowboys Red River, don't they? It's not part of our concept, and we've never discussed it. Next we'd have a ring and UFC.

9. So, what's the best bar in Dallas? And you can't say your own...
The one I frequent the most? Um, that's hard, because I tend to make the rounds. My favorite restaurant is Tillman's Roadhouse.

10. Do you sing in the car?
Absolutely I do. Lately it's older Jay-Z. True.

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