10 Questions: Sherry Maddox

Three things stand out instantly: her waifish figure, infectious smile and solid bartending skills.

Maddox works at some of the hottest of the city's hot spots. In the pre-recession heyday, you could find her slinging drinks at Nikita on Sunday nights, for example. Nowadays, she holds court at Mantis--then fills in at Blue Collar Bar on her nights off.

Somehow, she maintains the same demeanor, shift after shift. Yeah, she's cute, too. Just don't try lame pick up lines...

1. Why do bartenders tap the glass against the bar before doing a shot? It's cheers to the bar. Or a toast to people who aren't here.

2. What's the worst drink? The Godfather. It's fucking disgusting. Scotch and amaretto? [Scrunches her face].

3. Why bartend? It's easy money--and it's like going out, except that they come to you. And you don't spend any money.

4. Anything wrong with drinking water? Nothing wrong at all. People who drink water all night don't make an ass of themselves.

5. What's the dumbest thing you've heard over the bar? It was a pick up line, I thought the guy was crazy. It was really bad: 'I lost my number; can I have yours?' People are just ridiculous sometimes.

6. How often do you get hit on? On average? Probably five or six times a night--at least. Guys get real ballsy after midnight. Girls too.

7. What's the point? Oh, I get told I'm beautiful 80 million times. But it's always slurred: 'you ish bootifool.' Yeah, thanks. I appreciate it. It's like hitting on a stripper. Talk with your wallet, buddy.

8. You're always surrounded by music in a bar. Is there a song that makes you cringe? You know that whistle song? The one where they whistle for about a minute and a half at the start of the song? You don't? I can't think of the name. They used to play it just before close at Nikita. It's catchy and you can't get it out of your head. It's horrible.

9. When you go out: quiet pub or crowded lounge? Oh, I don't like people. I go to holes in the wall. But I don't discriminate. I hate everybody equally.

10. Thanks for that. How long do you have to work before you become a professional bartender? It depends on where you work first. Maybe a year or so. But it takes forever to build a nice clientele.

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