10 Questions: Will Shuler of Gingerman

How long has Gingerman been around? Judging by the crowds assembling there on a daily basis, the beer joint has become somewhat of a fixture.

Shuler, however, has been working for the Quadrangle area bar for just a few weeks--although that doesn't mean he's a newcomer. The Baltimore native graduated with a degree in hotel and restaurant management, then settled into his duties, in New York and at several places in Addison.

That covers nine years and includes a stint at The Flying Saucer. So he knows beer. But what does he have against Tom Jones songs...? 

1, Is there anything better than drinking in the afternoon? Drinking in the morning--no, I'm kidding. But in the afternoon is a great way to wind down the day. That's why they call it happy hour.

2. Wouldn't you rather be mixing fancy cocktails? In this bar? No. There's a certain majestic quality to this bar and the clientele who want to truly experience beer. You can get shots or a vodka and tonic anywhere.

3. Are beer drinkers particular? People who know beer want to try new things, to experiment. Miller, Bud, Shiner--those are gateway beers. Shiner's the best of these, of course. If you like Shiner, I can recommend five or more others you'll like. But, yeah, sometimes people stick with Bud Light.

4. How long does it take to learn all this? Here there's two weeks of intense training.

5 Yeah? Sounds fun. Could there be anything better? Maybe making it.

6. So if you had to, Bud Light or Miller Lite? Miller Lite, definitely. It's darker and has more flaver. The taste varies whether it's warm or cold. Bud you can drink it warm or cold and it tastes the same. Coors Light--we won't even talk about that.

7. If people ask for a lime? I give the Corona. There are certain types of beer that work with fruit. Tecate tastes best out of a can with a lime. But if they wanted one with their light beer, I guess I'd give it to them.

8. Do you have a favorite beer? My favorites are the dark ales. They're full bodied, but easy to drink. That's what beer is supposed to be. And every one tastes different.

9. How many before beer goggles kick in? Depends on how much you weigh. Men, about four or five; women three or four. Then we gotta start watching them.

10. Is there a song on the jukebox that makes you cringe? I'm played out with Tom Jones' 'It's Not Unusual.' People love to play it and I've heard it one too many times. But I love Tom Jones.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.