Three of the soups at La Me.
Three of the soups at La Me.
Kathy Tran

100 Favorite Dishes, No. 7: La Me's House Special Soup #98

In honor of the 2017 Best of Dallas® issue, on newsstands now, we're sharing (in no particular order) our 100 Favorite Dishes, the Dallas entrées, appetizers and desserts that really stuck with us this year.

My kho dac biet, a house specialty at La Me, contains multitudes. It’s a bowl of curly noodles like you might find in an instant ramen cup, but mixed up with two kinds of pork — grilled and ground — plus crab claws, clams and scallions. On top, one of the most awe-inspiring garnishes in Dallas: a whole shrimp, legs and all, fried right into the middle of a round cracker.

Oh, and this is meant to be a soup. We ordered the broth on the side and dumped it in after a few bites, marveling at the magic trick as the clear broth melded with the grilled pork to form a savory brown soup. La Me is one of a number of restaurants in the northeastern corner of Dallas, on the border with Garland and Richardson, which proves that if the afterlife has an all-you-can-eat restaurant line, Vietnamese people will be in charge of the soup section.


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