100 Favorite Dishes, No. 77: Goat Momo at Everest Restaurant

To prepare for this fall's Best of Dallas® 2014 issue, we're counting down (in no particular order) our 100 Favorite Dishes. If there's a dish you think we need to try, leave it in the comments, or email me.

A trip out to Everest Restaurant from downtown Dallas can feel like a trek, but travelers will be rewarded for their efforts. This small BYOB that specializes in Nepalese cooking is one of your best possible stops on the way to the airport.

Stop at the corner store on the same block and grab yourself a six pack of beer. If you show up without anything to drink you'll be firmly in the minority here. Then get ready to page through one of the longest menus you've ever read.

Order anything you like -- the prices are so reasonable you can really get wild -- but make sure the goat momo lands on your table, preferably first so you can experience the dumplings at the height of your hunger.

You can get them tossed in a chili sauce that's not as hot as it looks, as pictured here, or you can get them fried, with a crisp wrapper and a hearty chicken soup for dipping. Either way, what's inside those delicate wrappers will set you straight for the day. They burst with juicy goat meat like little bombs of gamey flavor.

Be warned: repeat trips may be necessary.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.