It's like the love child of a taco and a sandwich.
It's like the love child of a taco and a sandwich.

100 Favorite Dishes, No. 78: Arepes at Zaguan

To prepare for this fall's Best of Dallas® 2014 issue, we're counting down (in no particular order) our 100 Favorite Dishes. If there's a dish you think we need to try, leave it in the comments, or email me.

Zaguan is the little neighborhood café you wish you could walk to from your apartment on the weekends. You can get a good coffee and a decent pastry for a song in the morning, and their lunch fare, including those greasy cachapas and hearty chicken sandwiches, is even better.

The arepas, however, are the real scene stealer, if only because they're not so easy to find in the Dallas area. The Venezuelan corn bread is a lot like a super-thick tortilla. And it just so happens to make one heck of a sandwich.

The slightly sweet corn bread can be stuffed with about anything. Eggs, ham and cheese, or all three together, make a fine option, and you can also get a vegetarian version with mushrooms, peppers and onions, or a shredded beef version that's loaded with spicy, fatty meat.

The best of them all might be the most classic of arepa recipes. Riena pepiada is a lot like chicken salad, only the mayonnaise is mixed with plenty of soft avocado. The mixture is used to bind chicken with garlic, herbs and spices before it's stuffed into an arepa with such enthusiasm you'll need a fork and three napkins. It comes with cheese, but you'll hardly need it. And make sure not to pass up those plantain chips and spicy salsa offered as a side.

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