Taste of Chicago
Taste of Chicago
Brian Reinhart

100 Favorite Dishes, No. 78: Taste of Chicago's Deep Dish Pizza

Thin-crust pizza is taking Dallas by storm. In addition to old favorites Cane Rosso and Olivella’s, newcomers like Matchbox and Sprezza are hopping on the trend, each with their own interpretation of just how thin a crust should be.

Up in Addison, Taste of Chicago isn’t changing a thing about its deep dish, and thank Bueller for that. Real-deal Chicago-style pizza here means a firm, thick base, cheese folded into the crust’s sides and a carefully-constructed skyscraper of toppings.

Taste of Chicago even boasts the possibility of upgrading to “unlimited” toppings for an extra charge. Does anybody ever try ordering every single topping? I asked owner Emin Aljic. “Oh yeah,” he said, laughing, “we get that all the time.” Aljic told me he asks customers if they’ve tried an every-topping pizza before and if they understand how crazy the flavor combination will be.

“Some of them find out they like it,” he admitted, but to play it safe, his advice is simple. “Having every single topping on your deep dish does not mean it’s going to be awesome.” On the other hand, ordering a more reasonably-topped deep dish pizza at Taste of Chicago means that the chances of awesomeness are very, very high.

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