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11 Gooey Sandwiches that Will Warm Your Soul with the Pictures to Prove it

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Eleven is a skinny list. There are actually about 20 great hot sandwiches in Dallas ... well, maybe 100. Thing is, you can't really screw up rich butter smeared over fresh bread, then grilled with gooey cheese. Here are some to use as inspiration on this chilly day.

Grilled Cheese with Roasted Pork at The Common Table (photo above) We can think of any number of beers that could be properly paired with this hearty sandwich. The most popular dish at this spot starts with toasted crunchiness then slowly moves into a soft bite where roasted pork coalesces with cheddar, provolone and Parmesan. Followed by a swill from any number of local beers, this is a lunch for champions.


The Cubano at International Bakery Cuban Dulceria Carrollton needs hot sandwiches. Thankfully, Cuba has some. Owners Rita and Sara Vasquez are the purveyors of one of the best Cubanos on the city, per Scott Rietz's Best of list: "...they bake the bread right there. It's soft as a cloud, and the hot press toasts the exterior into a thin eggshell of crisp crust that snaps when you bite it."

Grilled Pimento Cheese at Highland Park Pharmacy For our annual Best of list, Reitz writes: "It's a simple sandwich of soft, melted cheddar the cooks griddle on a press that looks just about as old as as the bar stools that line the counter. A small, yellow flag on the menu points out the variation of the Palm Beach as new, even though it's been there for six years now. Who knew grilled cheese could be so punk rock?"

Stewart's Cheddar Press at Scardello While the selection of Texas cheeses will make any local giddy, have the ever-helpful crew at Scardello grill a sandwich on the spot, like Stewart's Cheddar Press made with royal cheddar melted over garlic dill pickles. Or, for something sweet, try chevre and melted chocolate.

The Libertine's Three Cheese Grilled Cheese The Libertine recently extended its hours and is open for lunch on Fridays. Tuesday is half-priced food night until midnight. Wednesday is Texas beer night ($3). The Three Cheese Grilled Cheese comes with 'Merican!, Muenster and cheddar on farm bread. Add tomato and bacon too. Please.

The Croque-Monsieur at Nosh Justin Bitner swooned over this gem at Nosh where they slather "a deliciously gooey house béchamel sauce on the inside of the sandwich before grilling. Brioche is the bread of choice, made by local purveyor Empire Baking. A quick chat with the chef, who'd just plated a head-turning paella, revealed that they recently switched from challah to the much more buttery French loaf, surely to avoid the semitic juxtaposition of the swine sandwich.

Zanata's Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Reitz wasn't so smitten with the pizza but had some rather bubbly feelings about this rich grilled cheese for the Best of list: "... havarti, brie, Provolone and mozzarella test the limits of the sturdy bread that binds them. The over-run bubbles and browns into crunchy, savory bits of dairy-based decadence lesser cheeses could never achieve. Use your fingers to tear bite-sized chunks from the greasy sandwich and toss them into a creamy tomato soup to chill out for a few seconds before devouring them with a spoon."

The Grape's Grilled Cheese Keeping to classic form for a classic, Brian Luscher's grilled cheese in his humble abode, The Grape on lower Greenville, is like snuggling up with a warm blanket on a comfy couch. If you play your cards right, maybe Luscher will snuggle with you. We peg him as a snuggler.

The Three-Cheese Grilled at the Porch Made with Port Salut (originally made by monks in France), Provolone and aged cheddar with tomatoes between buttery brioche, served with the requisite side of thick tomato soup, it's one of many great dishes at the Porch. The roast beef au jus with Gruyere cheese is a darlin' as well. Plus, everything taste better on a porch, right?

Ruthie's Rolling Café Ain't no party like a grilled cheese party. Hey, Scott Baio ate here once. That's all you need to know. Plus the fact that the grilled turkey with grilled onion tastes even better than it looks in the picture above. Track them down and let the grilled cheese party begin.

Uncle Uber's Grilled Cheese While the bacon and goat cheese is pretty fantastic, as is the roast beef and slow-roasted pork, their grilled cheese is solid as well. Cheap Bastard had one after a particularly long evening and wrote, "it was a pretty fancy grilled cheese, made with Provolone, roasted red peppers and garlic mayo on sourdough. Toasted, cheesy, buttery and delicious, this sandwich had everything you'd want from a fancy grilled cheese..."

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