18 Foods That You Look Stupid Eating

Right now, it's hot as hell outside. There's no stopping it: You're going to sweat and look uncomfortable. There's lots of options, of course, you could walk around without a shirt, wear breathable socks, or consume a series of refreshing summer treats that lower your body temp.

There's a problem. While consuming certain foods and drinks this summer, you may feel cooler, but you certainly don't look cooler. You may think there isn't anyone watching. You may think you've gotten away with it. But we've seen you eat that ________and it ain't pretty. We're not saying these foods are bad, just that you look like McMurphy after the lobotomy doing it.

Here's a few of those foods that fill in the blanks, and make you look down right dumb eating 'em. Feel free to add more in the comments.

1. Ice Cream in a Cone

2. Gummy Worms

3. Fun Dip

4. Nigiri Sushi

5. Banana

6. Turkey Leg

7. Movie Theater Pickle

8. Funnel Cake

9. Motorized Lollipops / Giant Lollipop

10. Rainbow Pop

11. Buffalo Wings / Ribs

12. Lobster Claws

12. Helmet Sundae

13. Noodles (Ramen, Spaghetti)

14. Pixie Stix

15. Kool-Aid

16. Go-Gurt

17. Crawfish

18. Corn on the Cob

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