20 Feet, Dead Twinkies And The Greek: This Week In Dallas Dining

This weather is just odd. I find myself craving things like morel mushrooms, asparagus and spring peas as of late, even though I've not nearly gotten my fill of braised lamb and other hearty winter dishes. I wonder if the recent warm weather indicates anything about the coming summer. If it does I am afraid. Oh well. It's lettuce wrap time.

This week I reviewed Meso Maya, and while I loved the tacos served at La Ventana out back, I didn't find many new things to get excited about in the main dining room. Still, if you're downtown and craving Mexican, the restaurant is a decent option.

Elsewhere on CoA, we took a first look at 20 Feet, the new East Dallas seafood joint by chef Marc Cassel, and also noted the closing of Pepe's, a long-time Greenville Avenue Mexican restaurant.

Catherine Downes dreamed up some terrible things to do to snack food. Keep this blog post away from your children.

Pig and Cow on the same barbecue menu? Oink and Moo says yes, while Casie Caldwell says lots of things about the next Trinity Groves project: LTO

Over on the Eats Blog, Leslie Brenner reviewed The Greek and awarded two stars, while Mark Vamos gave Hopdoddy three.

Side Dish has an interesting post on the failure of NY-style delis in Dallas. I'll post some thoughts on that next week.

Daniel Vaughn handed out another four-star review this week. Conger's Smoke Shack in San Antonio has some great ribs according to Full Custom Gospel BBQ.

And finally Culture Map has an interesting interview with Najat Kaanache, the new chef at Private Social. The Uptown restaurant will be opening soon, according to Kaanache.

Enjoy that rainy weekend, Aters. We'll see you back here bright and early Monday morning.

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