3 Men and a Taco: The Midnight Taco Train Straight Outta South Africa

What has six thumbs and doles out little folds of joy? Hint: two of the thumbs are from Cleveland, two are South African and two are from England.

Aside from their silly Facebook updates about thumbs and such, the 3 Men and a Taco food truck just got rolling in Dallas in mid-August with a pretty expansive take on what we call a "taco."

A taco can mean a lot of things -- especially in Dallas, Land of the Interpretive Taco, and especially when the main cooks hail from South Africa. For instance, their chicken doro wat taco is "a spicy Ethiopian taco made with slow cooked onions, homemade Niter Kebbeh and Berberé." (Those last two things are pan-roasted spice mixtures). And the charkalaka is a spicy African vegetable dish with peas, peppers and Napa Valley cabbage.

They also have a chicken taco that is marinated in dried apricots and served with pistachios and cotija cheese. This is a "truck specialty."

The most exciting news of all is that tonight these sometimes-hard-to-find kids and their thumbs, and maybe even capes, will be at the Dallas Block Party on McKinney in Uptown from 3 to 10 p.m.

After that (they roll late) they'll hit the Thomas Avenue Beverage Company, because they like to fill bellies all night -- or, as they say, "We're bringing tacos to your tummy on a midnight train."

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