Oswald or Was It? ... the smoking gun.EXPAND
Oswald or Was It? ... the smoking gun.
Susie Oszustowicz

3Eleven is Changing the West End's Cocktail Game with Historically Intriguing Drinks

The West End's newest restaurant, 3Eleven Kitchen & Cocktails, opened a few months ago with an intriguing cocktail menu — a little bit classic and a little bit of modern with vintage twists. The vintage twists' names are plays on Dallas-centric history, like JFK references.

The most suspicious, Oswald or Was It, is, according to master mixologist Ruben Michael Chavez, a play on cherry cola. The bourbon is served in a flask (that will soon be made custom for the bar) and is accompanied by a wood plate with the rest of the cocktail chilling on dry ice. Once delivered, you get to play bartender and scientist and find a ratio of bourbon to mixer to suit your taste while the drink bubbles aggressively. The cocktail is on the sweet side, being inspired by cherry cola, so our recommendation is to go bottom-up on the flask.

Oswald or Was It ($11): bourbon, Aperol, salted cola reduction, cider vinegar

3Eleven, 311 North Market St. (West End)

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