Would you like a refill on that coffee?
Would you like a refill on that coffee?

7-Eleven's Doing "Grab a Can, Get a Cup" Because Black Friday Shoppers Need More Caffeine

This Black Friday, 7-Eleven is running a high-energy promotion at all stores that begins at midnight and lasts until 11:59 p.m. Customers who purchase any size Red Bull Energy Drink, including three new flavors, can also get any sized cup of coffee free. The "Grab a Can, Get a Cup" lasts all day November 23.

Red Bulls new flavors, which came out last week, are Sweet Cranberry, Fresh Lime and Fruity Blueberry and are exclusively sold at 7-Eleven stores through the end of the year. Then, they'll be introduced nationally next March.

Until then, try Red Bull at 7-Eleven along with a steaming cup of coffee. All of which will certainly assist with the zombie-like tearing apart of shelves on Black Friday. Prepare yourselves.

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