A 966-Calorie Burger King Burger is Creating a Stir in the UK. Um, 966? That's It?

Over in the United Kingdom, healthy people who eat health food have been twisting up their knickers over Burger King's new 966-calorie Smoked Bacon and Cheddar Double Angus burger. In addition to having a thousand calories, it has 58 grams of artery-waterboarding fat.

Consumerist quotes a spokesperson for the National Obesity Forum, who says:

"This horrendous burger is a graphic illustration of where the government's obesity strategy has gone wrong," a spokesperson for the National Obesity Forum claims. "This burger is the height of irresponsibility and, if left unfettered, the food industry will do nothing to help stem the current obesity epidemic."

Oh, Great Britain. Have ye eyes been blinded by the can of whoop ass we opened up on you in the late 1700's? For America, this grand nation, has many o' horrendous burgers that, for many years, hold such caloric atrocities in them!

We already have the Triple Whopper™ and Double Whopper™, which collectively hold a James Michener's Texas-sized 2,040 calories (Triple Whopper: 1,140 calories).

And Jack in the Box's Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger has a eagle-soaring 920 calories (2.5 grams of Trans Fats, 1840 mg of sodium).

And Carl's Jr.'s Steakhouse Six Dollar Burger™ has an Alamo-sized 1060 calories, 2360 mg of sodium, and--wait for it--67 grams of fat.

And Taco Bell's Volcano Nachos have 980 calories of George Washington-crossing-the-Potomac goodness. (.5 grams of Trans Fats, 1590 mg of sodium).

Oh England. So cute with your "health crisis." Take a page from Texas and the United States of America, where we have the inalienable right to bare huge, flabby arms.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.