A Brief Interview with the Short Rib Frites at Ten Bells Tavern

Short Rib Frites is one of the share plates at Ten Bells Tavern. Crispy fries are topped with gravy, a velvety Mornay (basically a Bechamel cheese sauce), and a pile of juicy short ribs. The short ribs have a light crisp to them, and a shower of chives give it a little bite.

We sat down with Short Rib Frites on the sun-stroked patio of the Oak Cliff bar to talk crispy fries, why sharing was a goddamn mistake, and how Nick envisions the dark future that is not being able to eat Short Rib Frites every day.

Thanks for being in Dallas and not Canada. (Laughs)

Short Rib Frites: Sure. What's that supposed mean?

You're basically poutine right? I just meant ... we don't have a lot of that here in Dallas.

SRF: (Silence) (Drinking of beer)

OK. So, was it your intention to declare yourself as a "share plate," when you're obviously perfect for one person? And crispy and delicious?

SRF: I find it interesting you didn't say anything to your significant other. You could have easily said, "Hey, this is delicious, let's get another." You have to be honest in a relationship. I'm covered in short rib, which is lightly crisped and layered with a creamy cheese sauce. Creamy cheese sauce. You should have anticipated how good that is, and ordered more.

Ha ha! I probably could have told the waiter, "Bring me five more to go, so I can have Short Rib Frites every day for lunch this week." Man, that would have been crazy. Right?

SRF: Right ...

Your fries stayed crispy, even with that Mornay and gravy sauce folded in. And that light, herbal punch from the chives! It sticks with you, you know?


It's really good, is what I'm saying.

SRF: Got it. I mean, you had no problem using your finger to sweep the last few creamy cheese sauce drops left in the cast iron. In public. In front of people. (Laughs loudly) (Orders another beer)

What the hell is your problem? I want you.

SRF: I don't have a problem. Did you just say you want me?

Oh, I actually have to take off.

Ten Bells Tavern is open most of the time, often during the day. It has excellent bar food and beers. It's at 232 W 7th St, Dallas, TX 75208.

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