A Cold Day In He...nderson Avenue

We're not sure what we did before Natsumi. One of the first responders to Dallas' need for fancy yet natural fro-yo has kept us in "healthi" cold treats for one year now. And we couldn't be more grateful. It even earned our "Best Ice Cream" designation in the 2008 Best of Dallas Awards.

Well, they decided to give a little back in an anniversary event they call Customer Appreciation Day, held from noon to 10 p.m., March 14.

On that day, Natsumi will serve its usual mind-boggling diverse menu of natural and organic frozen treats (including hard-to-find gelatos flavors like durian), organic tea and coffee. But it'll also host neighbors Soley! Restaurant, which will be on hand with some French-Mexican fare. Not enough? Well, the Asian Film Festival of Dallas, (AFFD) will be giving away prizes.

A portion of the day's proceeds will benefit AFFD.

Natsumi uses fresh, healthy ingredients, which means that it uses organic dairy products, natural sweeteners, and no cream in its products. So theoretically you can actively "appreciate" a few different menu items and still appreciate yourself the next day.

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S. Anne Durham
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