A First Look at Fresh Market, a New Grocery Store for East Dallas Foodies (and Stoners!)

Fresh Market opened recently in East Dallas, confusing new customers with strange weird cart/basket contraptions, and wowing them with fresh flowers and lots of candy. Customers could be heard all over the store, asking questions like "where was this sausage made," and "what ingredients are in that freshly baked cupcake?"

It's a beautiful store. Most of the shelving is kept low, giving the space an open feeling. While I walked through (nibbling samples of pound cake, Gruyere cheese, tiramisu, glazed lamb and more) the sound system filled the aisles with a fanfare of trumpets. All the products on shelves were neatly faced and the employees were eager to help. It was pleasant.

That low shelving may be why the store doesn't have the same breadth of products that some of the other groceries serving Dallas boast, but what has made it to the shelves at Fresh Market seems reasonably well curated. It's also a stoner's dream.

If the munchies leave you digging the little nubs of cookie dough out of a pint of ice cream, you should know Fresh Market has tubs of dough made especially for binging. Prefer your ice cream unadulterated? They carry a few pints of frozen dairy from Lick down in Austin. There are hoagies and other sandwiches if you're a savory muncher but sweet lovers should know there's a lot of fresh baked goods and an entire island of candy that will have you in dentures before you can get back to your car.

Fresh Market is not cheap. This is not the sort of place to come looking for a deal on a case on Similac formula, but if you value nice ingredients (or you're stoned), and you can figure out their weird cart/basket system up front, this may just be your new neighborhood grocery store.

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