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A First Look at the New East Dallas Buzzbrews

East Dallasites are already getting to know their new late-night dining option. Buzzbrews, the 24-hour diner with three additional locations in the Dallas area (and another planned for Victory Park), recently opened its doors and let customers into a colorful dining room. On a recent weekday morning, the space was packed for breakfast.

This is the third restaurant to operate in the space in recent years. Molly Maguire's closed in 2011, and the space sat idle until The Mecca, a historic diner on Stemmons Freeway, was forced to relocate and chose the space. The Mecca never settled in, though, as customers complained about slow service and lackluster food. It closed after less than a year in service.

So far, it seems like Buzzbrews is poised to handle The Mecca's shortcomings. I was greeted and seated within seconds of entering the place, and a plate of "stuffed eggs," as described by the menu (it's an omelette), was solid. 

The place is massive, with two distinct sections. A colorful dining room and bar unfolds as you walk through the front door, and lots of dark woodwork and beer taps appear as you walk to the back. This Buzzbrews delivers both caffeine and alcoholic adulterants, and a third, smaller bar filled with coffee beans and machines frames the front dining room.

I've eaten in Buzzbrews a handful of times, and the experiences have either been lackluster or disappointing. But with the freshly painted walls, the smudge-free menus and ketchup bottles, what's happening in East Dallas right now is unlike any other Buzzbrews experience I've ever had. My food seemed prepared with a little more care, and my server apologized for what was only five-minute wait. It really feels like this location is trying to put their best foot forward, and if this momentum can be carried over the coming months and years, I'd say this all-hours diner is going to be a very welcomed addition to the neighborhood.

Buzzbrews, 5815 Live Oak Street #102,

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Scott Reitz
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