A Fuzzy Empire, Rare Puns and More This Week on Food Blogs

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If you like lists or food trucks (and who doesn't?) it was a good week to be a Dallas blog reader. Nancy Nichols ate a bunch of steak, a blog post inspires readers to plug their iPods into onions, and Fuzzy's Tacos shops are popping up like.... Something that pops up quickly and all over. Like Starbucks. Or acne. Ew. Just read on.

City of Ate Our girl Elaine Liner is going through some tough times. Alma is trying to make her drink tea that is different from her other tea. Otherwise, Alma serves large portions of pretty good Tex-Mex. But that tea.

I know that TC's Shaved Ice is one of the best places to get shaved ice swimming in syrup. I know that they have a long list of crazy amazing flavors (like, you know, wedding cake.) I know that the ice is shaved so fine it tastes almost creamy. I know that the Whole Charlie Sheen Thing happened, like, a month ago and isn't funny anymore. Alice Laussade knows all of those things, except for the last one.

It was a week of "offensive lists," such as ways to guarantee terrible service and top fast food items that double as sex positions.

Speaking of double entendres, have you seen this billboard?

Think a maple bacon sundae from Denny's sounds disgusting? Lauren Drewes Daniels is here to tell you how wrong you are.

When you don't think every day is a reason to party, how do you decide what to celebrate?

Was that a Fuzzy's Tacos you just saw? Probably. And that? Yes. Fuzzy's Tacos is becoming as ubiquitous as Starbucks. Depending on your standards for tacos, this could be a good or bad thing.

Side Dish More pressing matters may be at hand in the food world, but all we really care about is charging iPods through onions.

Food trucks. In Dallas. Take it away, George Lewis.

Nancy Nichols provides you with this juicy list and me with these puns: the list is a rare find, and well done! See her "steak" a claim as she lists to the top 20 steakhouses in Dallas.

Pegasus News Teresa Gubbins enjoys the fresh citrus notes in Shiner's Ruby Redbird summer seasonal beer.

If you're having trouble finding Fin Sushi Lounge, that's because we now call it Axiom Sushi Lounge.

Like tacos? Us too. So does Kristen Draves. That's why you should stay away from Tacos Y Mas.

Crave DFW Here are some things Steven Doyle thinks you should know about Earth Day.

This is why your stories are leaving ABC: because there isn't enough hefty redhead Italians in your life.

Central Market is doing this awesome thing called The Chefs Tables, where famed chefs stop by to set a sort of "pop-up" restaurant and interact with the crowd. Classes are capped at 34. There may be a few tickets left.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.