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A Guide to Eating Out in Denton

Take a quick jaunt up to University Drive near TWU and you'll find Burger Time Machine, which makes the best burger in Denton. That's kind of surprising, considering it's in a shack stuffed with movie posters and arcade games straight out of 1989. But somehow, Burger Time Machine hits all the high notes to create the burger of your dreams: fresh beef, toasted buns, a solid range of toppings and the perfect amount of sloppy goodness. Plus, the signature half-pound Time Machine burger goes for $6.95, which you could probably find in quarters on the floor of your car. If burgers went to school, the Time Machine would steal their lunch money.

Head under the highway to the south side of 35 and you'll find the Frosty Drive N, a diner built in 1954 with looks, music and menu prices to match. The burgers, onion rings, chili dogs and tots are delicious, but the real draw here is the joint's frosty mugs of homemade root beer. If you know what you're doing, you'll drop in a scoop of ice cream or two. Thank us later. 

But for any UNT student, there is one tried-and-true staple in Denton: The institution that is Crooked Crust (there's supposedly one in Oklahoma, but we don't speak of that). For $6, you get two slices of large pizza with unlimited toppings and a drink. That might already sell you on the value, but let us stress the part about unlimited free toppings. They have six different sauces, 22 toppings and four cheeses to choose from. And they're posted up right on the corner of nearly 10 Denton bars, directly across from campus and open until 3 a.m. on weekends. Whether you're drunk, in a rush or working late, Crooked Crust is the pizza joint that leaves the light on for you.

James Rambin contributed in writing this article.

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