A Look Behind the Scenes at Avila's, Which Is Easier When the Walls Are Stripped

If you haven't swung past Avila's on Maple Avenue in the last week or so, you might be surprised by the sudden turn that's left the time-honored Mexican spot looking more This Old House than Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

It's a stirring cautionary tale of what can happen when you let Guy Fieri in your door, a mixed blessing that's made the last few months a tumultuous time at the home of 2008's best meatless enchiladas (and an 8 on the Dude Food scale, if you're scoring at home).

So is Avila's looking at a renovation or a move? Robert's keeping up with the latest over on Unfair Park.

Update Friday morning: A follow-up piece on Unfair Park says Judge Ken Molberg has ordered Ricardo Avila to replace everything he's removed from the restaurant by Sunday. There's a court hearing this afternoon.

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