A New Way to Get Your Traditional Buzz On for the New Year

You know Fabio Viviani as the heartthrob, fan favorite and all-around bad boy of Top Chef Season Five and the current Top Chef All Stars.

What you may not know is that he is not only the co-owner and executive chef of Café Firenze Italian Restaurant and Martini Bar in Ventura County California, but he also serves as William Shatner's private chef.

Turns out that Fabio has a particularly timely tip for an upcoming holiday: Why not go Italian and serve prosecco instead of champagne for your New Year's bash?

Of course, this Italian stallion does have a vested interest in the matter. He is spokesman for Santa Margherita Wines, including its famous pinot grigio, chianti classico, and its prosecco. On its website , he provides tasting notes for each wine and charming little videos . In the prosecco video, he bubbles that "Everybody in Italy drink prosecco," and suggests pairing the sparkler with salty foods like prosciutto, nuts, caviar, or cold cuts, or perhaps sweet foods like fresh fruit and fruit tarts. "Or if you don't want to eat nothing with it, why don't drink it by itself?" A very timely suggestion for one of the top drinking holidays of the year.

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