A Retro Fire Truck with a 10-Keg Capacity For Your Next Party! For President!

Did you ever think it would be totally awesome to have your very own fire truck and instead holding water, it held beer? And that you could drive your shiny big red truck around town and throw the most amazing parties, cementing the fact that you are the coolest guy or gal ever? Then, at night you'd sleep atop your fire truck with Spots, your loyal firedog?

Well, everything but that last part is now possible -- the sleeping part. (But, you can name a dog Spots all day).

Urban Daddy first told us about local company Kitchens on Wheels, the third oldest food truck manufacturer in the United States. They typically create corporate food trucks for companies like the American Red Cross, Fuddruckers, Pizza Hut and Community Coffee.

But, since Deepak Devaraj bought the company over a year ago, he's been thinking outside the food truck box.

"I thought it would be cool to take an old fire truck and turn it into a party truck," said Devaraj. "Our Hook and Ladder Draught House holds 10 kegs and has 10 taps. We also have another truck called the Hook & Ladder Pizza Company that has a wood burning pizza oven made in Italy, and it also holds two kegs."

Devaraj said they recently took a reservation for a tailgating party at the TCU and SMU game, and they'll be at the Observer's Brewfest on September 15. The trucks are available to rent for any kind of event and Devaraj said they can use any brand of keg beer.

Business recently took off for them when the Hook & Ladder Draught House truck was hired for the PGA Championship.

"We put it on an 18-wheeler and shipped it up to South Carolina," said Devaraj. "And we got phone calls from people while it was actually on the road. Other drivers wanted to know how they could rent it."

Each rental comes with a technician who manages the kegs, drives the truck and cleans up after. (Are you disappointed? Did you think you got to drive it? I think that requires a special license and skills, silly head.)

Devaraj said to contact Christine Baker at 843-367 - 2738 to reserve an event, or check their Hook and Ladder page for details.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.