A Sneak Peek at Luscher's Post Oak Red Hots, One of Dallas' Most Anticipated Restaurants

UPDATE: Luscher's has reached out and indicated to us that the official opening date has been pushed back to March 2. That makes us sad.

If you've ever visited White Rock Local Market on the weekends, Brian Luscher's snappy Post Oak Red Hots are likely a weekend tradition. The chef-owner of Dallas institution The Grape is widely known for his delicious side project, and a Deep Ellum restaurant devoted to the sausages has been in the works for well over a year. Next week, Luscher's tribute to all things meaty will finally open its doors.

As Eater Dallas reported yesterday, you'll only have to wait a few more days to experience the Chicago native's take on his home city's classic hot dog, among other delicious menu entries like Italian beef sandwiches and hand-cut fries. Over the weekend, Luscher took to Instagram to introduce some of the more exciting items on his menu, like thick battered onion rings and a drool-inducing bacon cheeseburger. If the hashtags on Luscher's burger post read as a description, you can look forward to a pillowy pain au lait bun, Wagyu beef, and local bacon. Hashtag fuck yeah.

Luscher's will offer their own blend of celery salt, an essential Chicago-style item. Luscher teamed up with Dallas' own Chef Milton Gourmet Products, known for its line of stellar infused and flavored salts, like smoked Atlantic sea salts blended with rosemary and Hatch chile peppers. Diners will (seemingly) be able to purchase bottles of the Luscher-approved celery salt for their own at-home Chicago dog experiences and Bloody Marys.

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If you'll recall, Brian Luscher has had a hell of a time getting Luscher's Red Hots open. As we reported last year, the restaurant was supposed to be housed in a building on Gaston Avenue in East Dallas, but city parking regulations killed the idea. Once the relocation to Deep Ellum was announced, Luscher's was still supposed to open last fall. Now a year and several months later, Luscher's will finally see the light of day, which may very well be a testament to Brian Luscher's tenacity, patience, and ability to keep his cool in the face of prohibitive city code.

If you're already figuring out how exactly you're going to make it until Luscher's opens, you won't have to wait long. Assuming that there are no acts of God, the restaurant will open its doors next Monday at 11 a.m. Expect around-the-building lines and weeping as people have their first bite of those delicious sausages in months -- Luscher's has been a long time coming.

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