A Special for the Lovebirds at Hooters, Plus the Winner of Our Condom Giveway

Fellows, has procrastination gotten the better of you? If you still haven't made dinner plans for tonight, then we hate to tell you that it's come to this. As a last resort, take your girlfriend (if you can still call her that tomorrow) to Hooters (multiple locations) for a Valentine's feast. "No ring? Give her wings!" is the slogan the folks at Hooters are using to lure couples into their fancy establishments tonight. We're sure your girlfriend would prefer sauce on her fingers over a diamond any day. To mark this day of passion and love, Hooters is offering 10 boneless or traditional free wings with the purchase of 10 wings at regular price. You may have a few bucks left over to buy that lady friend of yours a cold beer or a Ring Pop.

Now it's time to announce the winner of our Valentine's condom giveaway on Friday. Since we received all of one bad date story, the winner by default is Still Scarred. We must admit it was quite the cautionary tale, and we can only hope that your prize package will come in handy. Soon.

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