A Start-Up Called Minibar Will Soon Deliver Booze in Dallas

This time of year (and all others), there is great joy in drinking alone. The holidays are stressful, and there's nothing better than kicking back a few hot toddies while you figure out just exactly how you're supposed to afford Christmas gifts for everyone you know and rent at the same time, or whether or not your grandma is going to make a big fuss about you being single at the holidays (again).

Now, a new app-slash-delivery-service has plans to make it much easier for you to soothe away your worries with a little sauce in the privacy of your own home. Minibar, a small start-up that originated in New York City, has recently expanded to Chicago, San Francisco and, now, Dallas. SideDish reported last week that the company has been quietly operating in Dallas since October, delivering booze to lucky drunks "in the know."

Minibar offers a pretty solid selection of spirits, beer, and wine, all available for delivery directly to your door, and at pretty competitive prices. A 750 milliliter bottle of Belvedere will run you $30, only a few bucks more than your corner liquor store. The beer selection is a little lacking, but does feature suds from local breweries, like Revolver and Deep Ellum Brewing Company.

You'll also find plenty of mixers and stuff to turn your straight whiskey into a fancy Manhattan or Old Fashioned. These are a little more steeply priced -- $2 for 2 limes, really? -- but still incredibly convenient. There's more than just your average sodas and seltzers, too. Luxardo cherries, Angostura bitters, and blue cheese stuffed olives will all look entirely impressive to your friends, even if you don't know the difference between a dirty martini and a Salty Dog.

The selection and delivery areas could soon expand as Minibar begins to work with more liquor stores in Dallas. According to SideDish, the company is currently working with In The Sack, a local delivery purveyor of just about everything imaginable, booze included. The company is much like Uber, technically only connecting you with a liquor store instead of actually providing the service themselves.

At present, there is no delivery fee for Minibar Dallas, just a $15 delivery minimum, a paltry sum that you can easily meet with a six pack and bottle of wine. Even better, the site is also offering $5 off their first customers' first orders. You'll have to verify your age a few times in the ordering process, but you should also be prepared to present your ID to the kindly delivery driver before taking down that bottle of Glenlivet.

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Amy McCarthy

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