A Temptress Imperial Milk Stout and Cherry Bourbon Milkshake? Yep, That's What the Man Said

The Common Table is a big advocate of the local craft beer movement and, they happen to have a pretty steady hand in the kitchen. Impressive dual qualities, right? They often host special dinners, but this Monday's beer dinner is going to be extra-super-duper-fragalistic special. It's a four-course meal, but honestly assigning numbers to dishes unfairly ranks their importance, as clearly demonstrated with their fourth course.

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She hails from east Dallas, has a sultry silhouette and weighs in with a 9.1 percent alcohol by volume! Meet the Temptress! (Say all that in a boxing announcer voice.) She's Lake Brewing Company's new imperial milk stout.

The Common Table's executive chef Mike Smith has been spending a little time with her in the kitchen, testing different ways to use this beer in Monday's dinner. The result is The Temptress and Cherry Bourbon Milkshake.

"Chef starts by soaking maraschino cherries in Maker's Mark bourbon," said Corey Pond at the Common Table. "Then he mixes the bourbon, beer and vanilla ice cream together. All of that is topped with an espresso-infused whipped cream. It's a drunk's milk shake."

Not that it matters much, but for the sake of full disclosure, the first course is a lobster turnover with a tarragon beurre blanc paired with Rock Ryder (American rye wheat). The second course is a three-grain and garlic Brussels sprout-leaf salad with roasted peppers and lemon dressing paired with Lakewood Lager (Vienne-style lager). The last course before the milk shake is a curried lamb shepherd's pie with smashed red potatoes and sweet & spicy chutney served with the Hot Trapp (Belgian-style IPA).

For an expert opinion, I sent the milkshake description over to our Hophead, Jesse Hughey:

"I'm not big on desserts, but those sound great. And if one can't get laid after taking a date to this, it's probably time to reconsider the relationship."

There ya' go. Relationship advice to boot.

Dinner costs $45 and starts at 7pm. Check their Facebook page for details about reservations.

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