The 2-Hour, 4-Bar Drink Specials in Oak Lawn Have Us Ready for Friday

Grab a (well) drink, for just $2 during these two hours on the Cedar Springs Strip.
Grab a (well) drink, for just $2 during these two hours on the Cedar Springs Strip. Beth Rankin
Having a gay ol’ time in Dallas doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. While all of the bars in Oak Lawn and on the Cedar Springs Strip have deals and specials of their own, there is a lesser-known secret shared by all of the Caven-owned bars.

Every Friday and Saturday, barhoppers in the gayborhood can enjoy very generously discounted drinks at four different bars during the twice-weekly Cruising the Crossroads event, when each bar only offers the drink specials in a 30-minute window.

Cruising the Crossroads begins at 9 p.m. every Friday and Saturday. During the collective two hours when Cruising the Crossroads takes place, barhoppers can sip on $2 wells and domestics.

The first of the bars is JR’s, a two-story bar with two pool tables, a stage for drag performances and a spacious patio offering great views of the city. JR’s is a good spot for people who enjoy sports, games and good, dance-able music, without the crowds of a club. JR’s has something for everybody.

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Bartender Connor Johns at JR's
Alex Gonzalez
Beginning at 9:30 p.m., cruisers can head over to Sue Ellen’s for the same specials. Sue Ellen’s is mainly oriented toward the lesbian community, however, all are welcome through the doors, which lead to a dance area, pool tables, photo booths and two patios. They are often known for playing live music or offering guests interactive games, like trash can beer pong. Be careful not to go too crazy on the drinks, though. The windows on the sliding patio doors are super clean to the point where they appear to be open. Try not to drunkenly walk into one like somebody (who shall remain nameless) did the other night.

At 10 p.m., you can make your way over to Station 4, however, you probably should head out a bit earlier, as the line can get pretty lengthy. But once you enter, you can grab a couple of drinks and head to the dance floor. The music is loud and bass-heavy, perfect for cutting loose and for enjoying yourself among friends. In Station 4’s Rose Room, there is usually a drag show taking place. Several notable queens have performed in The Rose Room, including Asia O’Hara, Kennedy Davenport and Willam Belli. Singer Katy Perry has also been spotted enjoying drag performances in The Rose Room.

The final stop begins at TMC at 10:30 p.m. TMC plays loud, dance-able music throughout the night, plus there are also male go-go dancers providing entertainment on poles. Be sure to tip the bartenders and the dancers, and feast your eyes on what they’re working with.

While getting through all four bars may put you in a time crunch, Cruising the Crossroads allows for a fabulous time in the gayborhood without breaking the bank. You can get all the buzz you need for less than $20 during the event, and these specials are perfect for spreading cheers among the queers.
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