Accused of Promoting Rape Culture, Deep Ellum Brewery Takes an Innuendo Off its Van

Deep Ellum Brewing Company has been attracting negative attention since Burnt Orange Report published a takedown of its logo promotions for its Dallas Blonde Ale, specifically the "goes down easy" tagline. Genevieve Cato and a slough of other responders have called the line sexist and a promotion of rape culture.

Last week John Reardon, DEBC owner, said he's been addressing the claims individually by email as he figures out how best to respond to the situation, saying that while the play on words was intentional, it was also meant to be in jest. His response has finally come in a long blog post on the DEBC website called Goes Down Easy: A Lesson in Overreaching Sexism.

"While I strongly reject the notion that this campaign promotes rape culture, I do admit the double entendre. Unfortunately, double entendres are only funny when they're out of the spotlight.

With that, I'll be removing the slogan from the van. Putting it on a can is one thing, but on the side of a van, where it's impossible to ignore, is another issue entirely."

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Reardon goes on to say that Cato's comparison of the Dallas Blonde Ale promotion to a Belvedere vodka ad that very, very, very clearly depicts a sexual assault is unwarranted (and that the Belvedere ad is, clearly, unarguably fucked up):

"But, if you somehow link all oral sex to violence against women, the problem might lay with you.

You have a choice in the way you perceive this campaign. It can be seen in its literal sense, you can choose to see the innuendo, or you can fly off the deep end and call it rape culture. But those are your thoughts, and your thoughts only, to own."

Reardon also takes umbrage at criticism aimed at their Cans For Cans campaign to raise awareness and money for breast cancer. Specifically for using the word "cans."

"Next month, I'll be supporting a creepy stache in hopes to raise awareness for prostate cancer. And if I ever find myself lying in a bed, dying from such a disease, you can call my prostate, or even my testicles, whatever the hell you want. It's called awareness month for a reason."

Further evidence that beer is, to quote Homer Simpson, the cause of and solution to all of life's problems.

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