Acme F&B Changes Chefs Less Than Four Months After Opening

The folks behind Acme F&B announced Norman Grimm has been hired as their new executive chef. Grimm's resume includes the opening of Mercury and three years at York Street with Sharon Hage. He also worked in California, Portland, Ohio and France.

Grimm also spent a few months at Nosh before heading the Omni's lackluster Texas Spice for less than a year, rounding out a resume that lists 14 different restaurants in just 16 years. The news release doesn't say much about what diners should expect from Grimm's cooking, but that he is "overwhelmingly passionate about food and the actual act of cooking."

Most chefs are.

Grimm may be a capable and talented cook, but his resume doesn't list a single executive chef position and a change this early in the Acme's life cycle seems flimsy. Colleen O'Hare and Jeana Johnson earned consistently good reviews as their farm-to-table concept opened. Less than four months later they're bringing in a new chef in the hopes that he can carry their momentum.

As Grimm takes over the kitchen, the big mystery is what O'Hare and Johnson will do with their free time, but a spokesperson for the duo wouldn't divulge any details, or even confirm that there's another project in the works.

I'll bet there's another news release headed to my inbox soon.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.