Acme F&B, Gyro Scopes And a Novice's Take On Brisket: This Week in Dallas Dining

It's that time again.

This week I reviewed Acme F&B, the whole hog restaurant on McKinney Avenue with a looker of a dining room. It's a great place for a drink, and if you're hungry they have one hell of a pork chop.

Elsewhere on the blog we took a first look at Start, the new fast food restaurant that won't leave you feeling guilty on Greenville Avenue.

Alice took a look through the gyro scope at Kostas Cafe and determined their meat-cone sandwiches are worthy of a cheap meal. And Bon Appetit looked at Dallas and determined we are worthy of two nominations for best new restaurant.

Lauren spent some time talking with Drew Huerter. He's the guy responsible for brewing suds at Deep Ellum Brewing Company. And our resident Englishman drove all over Dallas to put himself into a daytime meat coma.

Over on the Eats Blog Leslie reviewed Royal Thai and gave the white bread Asian restaurant two stars. They also have this nifty guide for food photography that I should probably spend some time studying.

Side Dish likens Hatch Chilies to unicorns. It's an interesting spin on the 750 festivals and celebrations you'll see over the next few weeks. And Nancy penned a short review on Kenny's Italian Kitchen. She didn't like it.

The BBQ Snob compiled a list of barbecue events over on Full Custom Gospel BBQ. Be sure to check that out to sate all your smoky cravings.

Speaking of barbecue, this one's really cool. Kelly over on The Meaning of Pie is trying her hand at brisket smoking. Attempt one didn't look so hot, but her second shot shows serious improvement. If you've never smoked a brisket and want to learn from another person's early attempts you should really check these posts out. They're good.

They might even inspire you to smoke your own brisket weekend. And speaking of weekends, the next one starts right about now.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.