Adventure in Grapevine

Oftentimes, when you hear of a "hidden gem" or haunt for those "in the know," the venue sits just around the corner from some high-traffic destination--hardly camouflaged from those with the courage to walk a few paces.


Way off in distant Grapevine, however, you can venture to a real hidden gem.

Yeah, I know: plenty of people traverse this part of Oklahoma thanks to good highways, a large mall, an even larger hotel and the ever-popular wine festival. But to reach Tastefully Yours Catering's Parlor Café, one must veer off before reaching the "historic" old town area into an unexplored section of warehouses and regular houses in search of a barely renovated homestead from 1925.


Once a month--and you never know too far in advance which day that might be--owners Lisa Huszar and her Australian husband-chef Andrew Huszar open their kitchen to 40 or so guests. With a temporary staff of cooking school students and catering help, the chef prepares five courses based upon whatever fresh ingredients he manages to scrounge up. This past Saturday, for instance, he hoped to prepare scallops, but the fisherman he deals with caught grouper instead. Guests must wait for the chef to announce the evening's menu and hope the wine they brought along (it's BYOB) pairs well.


Or, better yet, bring a wide selection.


The Parlor Café is intimate to the point of annoyance: nothing to mute conversation from larger parties and you rub chairs with guests at neighboring tables. So be it--the dishes are intriguing from first course to dessert and there's a sense of adventure to the whole experience.


Find out more by calling 817-488-0896.

--Dave Faries


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Dave Faries
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