PK's Fine Wine & Spirits has closed after 48 years in business.
PK's Fine Wine & Spirits has closed after 48 years in business.
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After 48 Years in Business, PK's Fine Wine & Spirits Quietly Shutters All Four Dallas Locations

PK's Fine Wine & Spirits, a locally owned liquor store with four locations in Dallas, quietly shuttered all four locations, with customers arriving to purchase holiday alcohol only to find the doors locked. The phone number for several locations has already been disconnected, though PK's has not noted the closure on their Facebook page, which last posted about a wine sale on Nov. 18. Their website does note that the locations are currently closed, but still encourages customers to visit and makes no mention of going out of business.

During a visit today to the PK's location on Lomo Alto Drive, signage had already been removed from the building and several people were inside the store cleaning up. A sign on the door reads only, "Sorry we are closed." A man answered the door and, upon identifying myself and inquiring about the store's status, said that all PK stores are closed and have been "for about three weeks." Before we were able to inquire further, another person inside the store asked the man at the door to discontinue our conversation.

According to their website, PK's started in Highland Park in 1968, later expanding with three more locations in University Park, Lakewood and near Love Field. PK's isn't the only locally owned alcohol-seller that's been struggling: Sigel's, a Dallas-based chain with 10 locations, filed for bankruptcy this fall.


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