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All-You-Can-Eat at Cedars Social: It Worked. Now Let's Hope It Yields a Cool Sandwich.

Yesterday we told you about Cedars Social's new all-you-can-eat Prime Rib special. To be honest, when I read the news release, I thought this was a pretty ridiculous event. I still do, but after talking to owner Brian Williams I'm starting to buy in. At least a little.

"It went pretty well," Williams said this morning. Despite only announcing the special a few days prior on Facebook, and sending out that news release moments before the event, customers came and decimated the beef. The kitchen was expecting to have enough leftovers for a sandwich special the next day, but while only a handful of customers went in for seconds, only one quarter of one roast remained -- not even enough for family meal.

Williams plans to continue to build on the theme each Monday night. Next week, additional sides will accompany the roast beef and popovers along with custom cocktails designed to play up a "supper club" vibe. He also says he's planning on purchasing considerably more meat as the event gains traction.

That's good news. With any luck there will be a rocking French Dip available in the Cedars next Tuesday. Or perhaps an Italian Beef?

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