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Allison Morse Is Front Room Tavern's Pastry Chef, and So Much More (Interview)

For whatever reason, desserts are very much an afterthought in discussions about chef-driven cuisine. Savory chefs get plenty of attention for their innovative uses of meat and veg, but it is less often that we see praise for the enterprising pastry chefs who create the perfect endings to those meals. At Front Room Tavern, though, it's pretty hard to ignore what pastry chef Allison Morse is up to.

Morse, a New Jersey transplant who has been cooking in Dallas for five years, is certainly a rising star in the local pastry scene. The small-but-impressive dessert menu at Front Room Tavern is easily one of the most thoughtful in town, and equally delicious. We sat down to talk with Morse about her experience in the kitchen from Atlantic City to Dallas, what it's like to navigate the executive chef/pastry chef dynamic, and the one dessert you'll never see on her menus.

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Amy McCarthy