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Aloha Hawaiian BBQ Says Hello to Dallas

Happy Aloha Tuesday, Dallas. There's a new Hawaiian barbecue place on Lemmon Avenue, and it looks pretty interesting. Aloha Hawaiian BBQ opened just last week with bamboo window treatments, a mural of the Hawaiian mountains painted on the wall, and Hawaiian radio playing over the sound system.

I'd tell you more about the music, but every song I listened to completely stumped Shazam. I did recognize a Styx cover though, and I have to say you haven't lived until you've heard Come Sail Away complete with ukelele, all while munching on Spam musubi.

Yes, the Spam musubi is Spam. The kitchen wraps a slice of the freshly griddled "spiced ham" and a block of rice with a sheet of seaweed before serving the snacks two to an order. They've also have roast and shredded kalua pork, and chicken katsu, a breaded and fried chicken cutlet that I saw a number of customers eating when I visited.

If you're familiar with Korean barbecue, you'll recognize the beef and pork ribs for sure, while the grilled chicken thighs taste a lot like teriyaki. Most of these entrees are served on a bed of soft, boiled cabbage with rice and a scoop of runny macaroni salad.

I talked to a manager at the restaurant who told me this location of Aloha Hawaiian BBQ is loosely affiliated with a spot by the same name in El Paso. There are listings for the business in other states with a similar name and logo but the menus vary widely. The place is a chain, but a very loosely coupled one.

5610 Lemmon Avenue. Suite A-1, 214-521-8868

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