Americano's Chicago-Style Pizza Special Might Break the Cubs' World Series Curse

Dallas doesn't have enough great Chicago-style pizza. Down at the Joule, Americano is looking to change that.

This fall, on Sunday and Monday nights, they're serving Chicago-style pizza by the slice for $10. If you're ashamed to be seen with a deep dish by the Cool Pizza Kids, an ultra-quiet Sunday night at Americano might be just the thing, especially because the slice is pretty darn good.

For the $10 charge, they've fancied up this Chi-pie: Americano is using a mix of fontina and mozzarella cheeses, and atop the thin layer of pepperoni is a good deal of spicy, chile-spiked Italian sausage. Everything is layered pristinely picture-perfect: cheese at the bottom, then pepperoni, then sausage and tomato sauce. My slice was topped with torn basil leaves, a nice touch, and maybe baked slightly too long; the bottom crust was firm and crisp, but the edges were near-black.

One slice is certainly enough for a meal. Just in case you need a side, Americano is serving it with a bowl of tomato sauce. Is it for dipping? Do people dip pizza with tomato sauce in more tomato sauce? Or is it a soup? Where's the spoon? I dunno. The pizza slice is big. The pizza slice is good. Deep dish lovers should head to downtown Dallas and give it a try. Maybe if we all eat Chicago-style pizza, the Cubs will lose to the Rangers in the World Series.

The Sunday-and-Monday-night special will run weekly this fall.

Americano, 1530 Main St.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.