Americano's Semifreddo Is More Than Semi-Awesome

Ever wonder what that giant eyeball sculpture downtown is looking at? Our theory: It’s staring longingly at Americano, the Joule hotel’s newest restaurant, wishing it had taste buds. If that thing ever sprouts legs (help us all), its first mission will surely be to step inside the former Charlie Palmer space and order up one of everything on the dessert menu.

That’s probably what you should do, too. The affogato, apple crostata with coconut gelato, and sour cherry semifreddo all pair beautifully with an espresso-fueled afternoon out with a good friend. If you can only choose one, though, go with the semifreddo. Its creaminess is contrasted with bits of charred bread — the perfect vehicle for bourbon-laced sour cherry sauce.

Cheerfully decorated with honeycomb tile floors, pops of bright green and succulent plants, Americano is decidedly more casual than its predecessor. As such, it has the freedom to create its own energy, and you have the freedom to create yours. Extend your afternoon with a peek at some of the Joule’s art collection. Shining mosaics and a dazzling blue crystal-covered engine are a real feast for the eyes. Or giant eyeball, as the case may be.

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Kellie Reynolds
Contact: Kellie Reynolds