An Interesting Taco At Pupuseria La Pasadita

You haven't lived until you've hung out in East Dallas, outside a bustling convenience store, and watched a photographer plate pupusas up on porcelain before shooting them with a camera on a tripod. Lori Bandi went through a lot of work to make these pupusas look pretty for this week's Dish column.

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If you pay Pupuseria La Pasadita a visit yourself though (and you really, really should) you'll end up walking out of the cramped store with a pupusa encased in Styrofoam, which looks a little more like this ...

Sure, there's seating out front, kind of. But the small metal structure that resembles bleachers turned backward may not be the most comfortable place to enjoy your pupusa. Make plans to take these with you, or be prepared to eat in you car.

Ignore the chicken sitting under a heat lamp on the counter; it looks very sad. But the fajita beef tacos the takeout joint serves are at least worth a look. While the dry, rubbery beef itself is nothing special, the restaurant serves each taco with the same cabbage slaw and hot sauce that comes with the delicious pupusas. Try a taco topped with curtido and Salvadoran salsa, and celebrate a little taco fusion.

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