And the Avery Beer Dinner Winner Is...

Thanks to all the readers who entered this month's contest for tonight's beer dinner at the Libertine Bar, featuring Avery Brewing Company. While some of the comment entries were pretty half-assed, there were still a few thoughtful entries.

Nick started things off suggesting one of my favorites for those celebrating outdoors: "The fact that I will be on the lake seriously limits my choices (to cans), but I think I am going to have to go with Dale's Pale Ale... red, white & blue can + delicious hoppiness = a happy American."

TacOCliff suggested a beer float combo, even if the tie-in to the holiday is more weather-related than patriotic: "Black Butte and Blue Bell Float -- Black Butte Porter with a scoop or two of Blue Bell's Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream. Changes a decidedly cool weather beer into a classic summer time fav."

And Tyson Stuart tugged at the heartstrings with a choice that proves him willing to forgo his personal tastes to honor a beloved relative: "I drink a Busch every 4th of July in memory of my Uncle Leo. A retired Air Force serviceman, he loved the holiday (and Busch beer) so much that he refused to go to the hospital for chest pains until after it was over. Unfortunately, he didn't make it past the morning of the 5th. Even though it's not a good beer (understatement), the 4th is best celebrated from the 'mountains of Busch... beer.'"

Stuart's was my favorite until John Boots came along and reminded us that the holiday is to honor the men and women who put a boot up the Redcoats' collective ass:

OH HEAR YE, DRINKERS OF BEER! The only grog to quaff on our day of independence is Arrogant Bastard Ale from our countrymen at Stone. We were arrogant bastards when we told our British rulers to piss off, and we are arrogant bastards today as we celebrate the act of separation (which is equivalent to Jack White and Karen Elson's divorce party...) by drinking copiously and blowing up small parcels of U.S. soil. So raise your nose high and tip back an Arrogant Bastard, as I will be doing Monday, to show those lousy redcoats that they, and their beer, belong on the other side of the pond!

So congratulations, Boots. Enjoy the dinner. For the non-winners, call the bar at 214-824-7900 to RSVP.

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